Why MetaTrader 5 is Currently the Best Trading Platform

Why MetaTrader 5 is Currently the Best Trading Platform

Trading is relatively easy to understand, fundamentally we are buying and selling items. If you look at four random items; a bicycle, a scooter, a truck and a car then we say that they all have a value. That is what they would cost if you wanted to buy them. Given that the bike is £100, the scooter £1,000, the truck £20,000 and the car £75000. They all have their unique prices at market level.

By looking at the bike in more detail from a trader’s perspective, there is always a buyer or a seller of that bike. Both parties think they are gets good deal that is of benefit otherwise they wouldn’t pay the price or accept the offer respectively. As a trader, we try and profit off out of any buying or selling activity we engage into.

Think back to our bike example

The simplest way to think this is in terms of buying or ‘Going Long’ as said in trading, is when you buy at price ‘X’ and hold on your position. By doing this, you think the industry in whatever you have bought stocks or services is going to rise. It’s a natural phenomenal for humans to profit off from anything seemingly worthwhile plus that’s what business is all about. If that happens, you can then sell at price ‘Y’ and make a nice profit.

Think back to our bike example which was bought at £100, a consumer buys it by thinking that their price would rise in the near future. After we buy the bike, there are suddenly many interested buyers. There are more buyers than there are available bicycles, so the price rises to £110 making the seller a good £10.

MetaTrader 5 is a trading platform

A good trading platform has a quality set of charting tools at your disposal as well as easy to read or interpret. They should not be difficult to peruse or set up, you should not need to peruse a 200-page manual to work the product. Having a complete set of oscillators and indicators is a sign of a good vibe when it comes to stock or Forex trading. There is nothing more irritating than utilizing a platform that doesn’t have a total arrangement of pointers or markers that makes work easier. They allow for entry and exit options which permits an investor to immediately set the quantity of agreements proposed through exchanges while also giving them an option of leaving the market when needs be.

MetaTrader 5 is a trading platform designed for trading currencies, stocks, futures, and other popular instruments on financial markets. It is currently the best trading platform offering unique features that are meant to benefit traders.

Why MetaTrader 5 is Currently the Best Trading Platform

All available trading symbols are listed in the market watch window from which traders can select required instruments. This window provides monitoring of current quotes, options for one-click trading, and access to tick data. A chart of any symbol can be opened directly from it. MetaTrader 5 supports both position accounting systems such as Netting and Hedging. With the netting system, the trader will be able to have only one open position of a financial instrument at a time. This system is traditionally adopted on exchange markets. Hedging system can be used on Forex while accounts with the hedging option allows opening of multiple positions of the same financial instruments possible.

On such accounts, it is possible to implement simultaneously multiple manual strategies, while trading the same financial assets as well as to perform trading operations using several trading robots at the same time. The wide functionality available on the platform allows implementing different strategies while performing trading operations at current market prices or using pending orders with a preset lifetime. Position opening levels, stop loss, take profit, and a comment can be specified in a trading request created in the platform.

Dozens of built-in indicators, lines or channels can be used for technical analysis of symbol prices. MetaTrader 5 contains additional analytical instruments such as graphical objects to choose from. Wide visualization options enable operations with pending orders directly on a chart including creation or deletion of pending orders as well as modification of stop loss and take profit.

The industrial policy is best understood from the extending depth of market window where you can also perform trading operations. The quick trading panel provides another convenient option for performing financial operations with a single mouse crick. In the navigator window, users can switch between trading accounts and run scripts, indicators or trading robots. All open positions and orders are displayed in the trades above the toolbox window.